Governor Rick Perry, who just last month signed a mandatory sonogram bill for mothers considering abortion, seems to be taking the gloves off a bit and is publicly whooping up on President Obama on the issue of abortion. I, for one, am glad to see it.

The Blaze reports:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has been mentioned as a potential Republican presidential candidate, is accusing the Obama administration of transforming abortion into a U.S. export and breaking faith with the nation’s founding principles by supporting taxpayer-funded embryonic stem cell research.

Perry, a prominent conservative long at odds with President Barack Obama’s stand on reproductive rights and stem cell research, spoke Sunday to a mostly Hispanic crowd of about 5,000 at a Los Angeles anti-abortion rally.

Perry said the direction of stem cell research under the Obama administration was “turning the remains of unborn children into nothing more than raw material.”

He’s absolutely right. We actively export abortion like it’s Coca-freakin’-cola.

Look, I’m not saying the guy’s perfect. I’ve heard plenty o’ things about him that trouble me but if his commitment to life is good that helps a heckuva lot. A heckuva lot.

Here’s the video of Perry’s comments on the sonogram legislation. Pretty good stuff although my one thought is man, the guy really does remind me of George W. Bush in his accents and mannerism. Will that be a drawback for some or has the horror that is Obama so frightened the American people that they’ll overlook that.